Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let thE dream cOme tO star

gud evening

this entry is about my wishful thinking
i'm like the pic above
oh god i luv dreaming about nonsense things (sometime la)
haha and now here is what i want to achive by myself

* got straight A's SPM 2012 at least 9A- 
myb this impossible but this is my trget...oke i know that some people will think 
AKU BERLAGAK PNDAI so what ? i dont care

*able to go to university  or college but who crtainly is not outside d country
u know why ? coz i dont like to fly

*take course in accounting when go to university
but until now i cant score my physics ...errr

*got motor n car lisence
this is what i want  since primary school..
until now im jealous with people who can drive themself..haha

*went to school by motor
oh shitt ! now im form 5
ive only 8 , i will make sure that i got lisence b4 june

*got samsung corby or samsung galaxy
myb i will get it after raya

*got my own camera , laptop

*found Mr. R when the times come 
but not this year or  next year but when ive worked..haha
berangan lebih

*went to place around malaysia
cuci mata

actually there r mny things that i want to achieve
but my hands told me to stop typing
n i need to do my homework
regret that at school ive been punished by paying rm2 coz not finished my hw

#1st time post my entry in english
i know that many wrong in grammar , vocubalary or anythg else
juz wanna improve my english..haha

suke ? Like je

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